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The stylistically unpredictable LaLion is a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and engineer. He flawlessly bends genres such as rock, rap, indie, pop, and grunge carefully assembling compelling inspirations hat speak to fans across the globe.  Through the process of releasing 7 mixtapes and over 200 singles, his unique style has amassed him over 30 million streams and 360,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

In 2020 fans can look forward to LaLion releasing his long-awaited mixtape “PEAR”, which is an acronym for “Please Excuse All Reasoning”. The record is focused around the topic of not being able to explain why he does the things he does, such as make music in an ego and narcotic driven industry. LaLion wanted every track to be as personal to his taste as possible, so he alone produced, mixed, and mastered every song on the mixtape.

LaLion has been a musician since the age of six. Mastering guitar along with any instrument that was in the household at the time, Seattle native LaLion, has a production style that is reflective of his up bringing. Born into an immigrant family and being the 1st generation in the United States, he has had the ambition to be great since birth. Between the ages of 13 and 16, he had been in several bands that did not pan out. Then at age 17, he gave up on the band dynamic, purchased a $20 microphone, and immediately started releasing music on his own. Ever since then, he has been releasing a song every week along with mixtapes. Within the first two years of his career, he released a single titled “Be Jay Z” which amassed over 1.5 million streams, and booked him a spot on Skyzoos “In Celebration of Us” tour across Washington. In the past he has opened for acts such as R.A. The Rugged Man, Skyzoo, A-F-R-O, and D. Savage. He’s been featured in Spotify editorial playlists like Varsity Bars, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Hip-Hop, and The Sound of Deep Underground Hip Hop. With LaLion continuing to release music every Thursday, and no plan on slowing down. 

Latest Music Video: HEAD UP! By LaLion


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